Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming Out Party

Jeez starting a new blog is intimidating. There are so many decisions to be made; what to call it, Blogger or Wordpress, what to write about, what will it look like, and on and on with the decisions. In the interest of complete honesty I have spent the last week and a half trying to settle on a look for my new blog, I have come up with so many ideas and made more tweaks to those ideas than I can count, I kept thinking about what elements of other blogs do I like and that opened up a whole other can of worms– you see, I am a more is more kinda girl, I like patterns and textures, and flourishes on my type but when it comes to blogs that I find aesthetically pleasing I am drawn to clean and minimal, so what am I to do. Well, enough is enough, I am just going to start posting and will make changes later if I feel it is necessary.

How about we take a look at a few of the arrangements/ideas I have had before settling on this look.
I had a vision of a very simple blog with a white background, wide columns, and a header written in copperplate calligraphy, unfortunately my calligraphy skills are still lacking and despite writing vaya over a hundred times, my lettering never looked quite right. 
Next I tried working some watercolor into the header, I love the look of watercolors but my ideas didn't look quite right. 
 I really liked the look of this header and I liked how the arrows were going somewhere but it didn't match my personal aesthetic. 
I wound up working my way to this header, and although obsessed with the color scheme, I still didn't think that it looked very "me"

 I experimented with embroidering the header. I was originally convinced that this was the the winner. It represented what I want my blog to be about and was a better representation of my personal aesthetic. But then I started thinking that maybe it was too much of the look and worried that people might think that this is a sewing blog, but I stuck with it for a few days and let my thoughts marinate
I actually had even created a crochet border that was an added little detail, but opps, I forgot to take a screen shot before removing it. A big problem is that the welcome image is disjointed from the look of the header, and truth be told, I am not all that photogenic so that is the photo I wanted to use, and so, after hours and hours of embroidering that header I went back to the old look, sort of...
I will probably change the look a hundred more times, I swear it is harder to design stuff for myself than for anyone else, but for now here I am, and I am ok with changing my mind later (probably later today, ha!) I just didn't want to turn into one of those people with beige walls because they couldn't settle on a proper color, and that is what was happening to me–I was being stopped from actually writing because I wasn't happy with the look of the blog, and that was just silly.

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