Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hey, I gave fair warning yesterday that I would probably change around the blog design and of course I did, I finally am pleased with the way things are looking...hip-hip-horray, however, I am getting slightly concerned that I am putting way more thought into this than necessary, so I am going to go ahead and deal with the current look for a little while; at least I am going to try and leave the design alone, that could possibly be a challenge for me.

I posted yesterday with the blog looking like this...
It was nice– clean and simple, but nice, only nice and so I added a background
The background made me feel very pleased with myself, I had managed to incorporate the scale pattern which I love (because it reminds me of a mermaid) and my favorite color scheme, and for bonus points it sorta matched my portfolio site, but after sleeping on it I decided that I was not satisfied. So I messed around with the embroidered header
Photoshop is magical, and I was able to change the green gradient to colors that made me happier
And then I added the border, which I also color corrected in Photoshop. I flipped the layout, changed some colors and fonts (I am still not 100% happy with the post title font) and re-added the drop caps, here is the current look, I don't have any more plans for changing the look (as of now!)

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